Tracie A. Serre created Hour Personal Concierge after many years of working with individuals and companies who hired her to help them grow their businesses.  From being a personal assistant, office manager, trade-show specialist, marketing coordinator, manager and ambassador to just having excellent customer service she decided to start her own business.  Being well rounded in all of her job experiences is what motivated her to start Hour Personal Concierge.  She wanted to be able to help everyone determine what was important in their life,  “life management”, by providing a service that allows them the time to do what is important in their lives!

When growing up she was told…”If you are going to be a blade of grass, be the very best blade of grass you can be!”  “Be nice to everyone you meet and do not judge people.” ” When you smile at someone, they usually smile back, so always smile at people you pass.”  She was taught to be polite, respectful, courteous and outgoing. She attended “White Gloves and Party Manners” at Higbee’s located at Westgate Mall in her earlier years. There was no such thing as being shy or afraid to talk to people. “Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time.”

In the 1970’s Jerry Lewis paired up with McDonaldland, Ronald McDonald, for the campaigning for Muscular Dystrophy by having Backyard Carnival kits.  This was the first, of many events, for Tracie. With help from her parents, it was a great success.

Tracie’s first job was at Wendy’s Restaurant in North Olmsted, Ohio.  After working there for a short period of time, an opening came available for “Wendy”, the Wendy’s girl, and it was offered to Tracie.  She traveled all over Cuyahoga County making visits at each Wendy’s restaurant to spend time with customers and their children.

During her earlier childhood, she took piano and flute lessons, could swing a hula hoop, baton twirling, ballet and grew up singing around the piano, which both of her parents could play. Her high school years she was on the ski club, bowling league, archery, ran track, was in choir and ice-skated on North Olmsted’s first girl’s hockey team.

She attended college at Ohio University, taking classes in law and psychology and later taking business and accounting classes at Cuyahoga Community College, focusing on her studies.

Tracie met the love of her life, got married and she started raising her own family. Working part-time jobs in the evening so she could stay home with her children and giving up the professional job she had always hoped to have.  Her life was changed in a way that was unimaginable!  Her focus was her family and spending every moment with them, because that was what was important to her.

She was a baseball team mom, became a Brownie leader, helped create a Tots baseball league for the city, did fundraising and skated for the Cleveland Edges Synchronized Skating Club, created videos with photos for gifts, and loved to paint. She has organized holiday events and parties for organizations, businesses and individuals. She has set-up and ran trade-show booths for companies, arranged vacations and itineraries for companies and individuals and just seems to possess everything necessary to get a job done with detail and excellence.

She has trained with Katharine Giovanni, and certified by The Concierge Entrepreneur and is also a member of the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Group. She is also a lifetime member of the VFW Auxillary.

Tracie has always been employed because of her excellent customer service and detailed oriented skills to get things done to the very best. She has a warmness that exceeds her.  You feel like you have known her forever once you meet her.  She goes out of her way, by nature, to help anyone for any reason. Her ambition for perfection has only led her to creating Hour Personal Concierge.