Do you like getting stuck in traffic and have trouble finding parking spots?  Errand running can be time-consuming, sometimes running all over the city to drop off dry cleaning, stopping at post office, getting a car wash, oil change, swinging by Goodwill to drop off the donations that have been sitting in your car for 3 days now, getting to the bank before it closes because you need a new checkbook register and don’t forget the prescription you need to pick up on your way back home, oh by the way, did I mentioned that you are out of milk also?  “If I have to stop and get milk, I may as well get my grocery shopping done while I’m out.”  Now you are up to about 3 hours of errand running.

The errand list you walked out the door with this morning will take at least one or two hours to complete, and that is hoping there are no lines that you have to wait in. Errand running can be overwhelming.  Long lines, scarce staff at the store, in and out of the car, getting back into traffic to get to your next location, and lets just hope that it is not raining or snowing.  No wonder our clients hand off their errand running to Hour Personal Concierge.

  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Prescriptions
  • Grocery/Gift Shopping
  • Drop Off Recyclables/Donations/Thrift Shops
  • Car Maintenance (Wash, Registration, Detail, Inspection, Repair)
  • Package Preparation and Shipping
  • Banking
  • Meal Delivery
  • School Lunch Drop Offs
  • Return Library Books
  • Equipment in need of repairs – broken jewelry, skates need sharpened, clock stopped working, blades sharpened on lawnmower
  • Alterations – missing or loose buttons, shoe repairs
  • Pick up/drop off rentals for parties

If you do not see a specific service, please call us and ask… this is just a guide.

Let Hour Personal Concierge do your errand running so we can free up your time so you can do the things you enjoy without worrying!