It’s a week before the wedding day and you have a list of things that needs to get done, however you have to get your alterations done and pick up the wedding rings.  How are you going to get everything done?  You still have the thank you notes that you have to write out and send from the bridal shower.  You have to get packed for the honeymoon.  You have to pick up the bridal party’s gifts and have them wrapped.  You forgot you have to buy something to wear on your wedding night.  When will you ever have time to get all of this running around done since you are still working 8 hours a day.

Hour Personal Concierge bridal/wedding services makes a great shower gift for any new bride!  Let us do all of the running around for you so you can focus on the wedding, the honeymoon and starting your new life together!

  • Pick up Items needed before the Wedding
  • Help Send Out Invitations/Thank You Notes
  • Errand Running day of Wedding
  • Rental Return after the Wedding
  • House Monitoring while Couple is on Honeymoon

If you do not see a specific service, please do not hesitate to ask…this list is just a guide.

Hour Personal Concierge is here to help with your bridal/wedding services so you can focus on what is important!