You have guests coming in from out of town, you are so excited that they are coming to visit!  They call you and let you know that they are now flying in and bringing their children. They would like to take the children to a couple places while they are in town visiting.  They do not want to impose by staying with you at your home and have now decided to stay at a hotel.  We all love the out of town guests, however we all have to prepare.  What activities are you planning?  Where should you take the kids for a fun day?  Who is going to pick them up at the airport?  What hotel should we tell them to stay at?

Hour Personal Concierge is great with out of town guests.  Give us a call so we can help you out!

  • Activity Planning for Out-Of-Town Guests
  • Activity Planning for Visiting Grandchildren
  • Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Book Reservations/Welcome Gifts