Many of our clients have started off with delegating just 1 or 2 errands, usually tasks that they do not have time to get done.  Once the client becomes familiar with the process and feels the immediate relief of having support in their life, the process becomes very freeing!

If there’s a Personal Service you do not see listed, call us, as long as it’s “legal, moral and ethical”, we will do it!

Take all your gifts and wrap them, drop off doughnuts at the school for the event, clean and wipe out your refrigerator because of the split milk, hire a contractor to re-do your kitchen, stop at your house to wash up the dishes while you are at work, organize your kitchen pantry, hang up and take down the Christmas lights.  DONE!!!

 Personal Assistant Services

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reminder Service (Birthday/Anniversary/Appointments) via phone or email
  • Reservations/Itineraries
  • Travel Arrangements

Errand Running

  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Prescriptions
  • Grocery/Gift Shopping
  • Drop Off Recyclables/Donations/Thrift Shops
  • Car Maintenance (Wash, Registration, Detail, Inspection, Repair)
  • Package Preparation and Shipping
  • Banking
  • Meal Delivery
  • School Lunch Drop Offs
  • Return Library Books

Senior and Elder-Care Check-In (ALL NON-MEDICAL)

  • Medication Reminders (Personal, Email or Phone)
  • Household Helper
  • Peace-of-Mind Visits and Reports to Family Members (personal, email or phone)
  • Assist with Basic Household Needs
  • Companion Services for Outings, Doctor Visits
  • Assist with Mail Sorting and/or Bill Paying
  • Grocery Shopping with Home Delivery and Putting Groceries Away
  • Pick Up Items / Prescriptions, etc.
  • Hot Meal Delivery
  • Coordinate Home Cleaning and Repairs

Organizing Services

  • Home and Office Organization
  • De-Cluttering
  • Garage Sale Organizing, Promotion and Assistance
  • Photo Books
  • Inventory of Household Items

Personal Shopping

  • Shop and Purchase Gifts
  • Shop and Purchase Clothing or Household Items
  • Locate Hard to Find Items/Unique Gift Ideas
  • Returns and Exchanges
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Packaging and Shipping

Event Planning

  • Develop/Organize Party Themes for Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Graduation Parties, Reunions, Anniversaries
  • Coordinate Transportation, Activities, Accommodations for your Out of Town Guests
  • Coordinate and Schedule Party Vendors (Caterers, Florists, Entertainment, Photographers)
  • Food Delivery
  • Guest Gifts/Favors
  • Address Invitations/Emails/Facebook Invites
  • Write Thank You Notes
  • Coordinate Event Parking
  • Order and Mail Invitations, Thank You Notes and Greeting Cards
  • Bridal Assistant before or after the Wedding to Run Last Minute Errands, Meet Delivery Personnel, Et.
  • Dinner Party/Cocktail Party/Holiday Party and Event Planning
  • Day of Event Coordination Services
  • Luncheon Setup
  • Venue Booking

Household Helper Services

  • Arrange for Home Cleaning
  • Personal Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Planning (Special Menus Available Ex. Diabetic, Low Sodium, Gluten-Free, Low Carbohydrate, etc.)
  • Organize Garage Sale
  • Thrift Shop/Goodwill Drop Offs
  • Organize and Schedule Lawn Services (Mowing, Weeding, Planting, Pruning, Seeding, Fertilizing, etc.)
  • Organize and Schedule Small Home Repairs/Handyman (Electrician, Plumber, etc.)
  • Schedule Snow Plow Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Holiday Decorating Services and Removal

New Mommy Services (Perfect Shower Gift Package)

  • Diaper, Formula, Pharmacy Delivery
  • Write Thank You Notes/Birth Announcements
  • Meal Delivery
  • Coordinate Home Cleaning and Home Repairs
  • Run Errands

Bridal/Wedding Services (Perfect Shower Gift Package)

  • Pick up Items needed before the Wedding
  • Help Send Out Invitations/Thank You Notes
  • Errand Running day of Wedding
  • Rental Return after the Wedding
  • House Monitoring while Couple is on Honeymoon

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Oil Change
  • Repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Detail and Car Wash
  • Gas Up

Pet Care

  • Taxi Your Pet to and from Vet/Groomer/Kennel
  • Check in when you’re at Work/Vacation (Feeding, Walking, Watering, Playing)
  • Complete In-Home Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking

Waiting Service

  • Cable/Telephone/Utility Installation or Repair
  • Furniture and Appliance Deliveries
  • Home Maintenance/Repair Workers
  • Party Deliveries

House Sitting/Vacation/Snow Bird Services

  • Home Safety Check, Including Turning Lights on and off
  • Water Lawn and House Plants
  • Bring in Mail and Newspapers
  • Take Trash to Curb for Pick Up and Bring Trash Cans Back to Designated Place
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Sitting, Pet Walking, Feeding and Playing
  • Second Home Upkeep

Travel and Excursion Assistance

  • Transportation and Lodging Arrangements
  • Car/Limo Service and Rentals
  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Hotel and Dinner Reservations

Reservations & Tickets

  • Hotel/Dining Reservations and Recommendations
  • Movie/Sporting Events/Concert/Theatre Tickets
  • Golf Tee Times/Golf Tournaments/Spa Planning
  • Yacht and Fishing Charters

Gift Assistance

  • Personal Shopping and Wrapping
  • Merchandise Return
  • Flower, Candy, Gift Delivery

Relocation/Moving Services

  • Change of Address
  • Planning and Coordinating Moving Trucks
  • Pack/Unpack
  • Utilities Connections
  • Organize

Holiday Preparation

  • Shopping
  • Wrapping
  • Delivery of Gifts
  • Decorations
  • Party Preparation
  • Holiday Tree Delivery & Decorating
  • Holiday Card Writing

Out of Town Guests

  • Activity Planning for Out-Of-Town Guests
  • Activity Planning for Visiting Grandchildren
  • Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Book Reservations/Welcome Gifts