Pets are an important part of families too and cannot be overlooked.  Hour Personal Concierge can drive your crated pet to and from vet appointments, groomers and cat and/or doggy spas.  When our clients are away for a weekend or vacation, their furry friends need to be fed, played with and walked, litter scooped and possibly have their health monitored.

Hour Personal Concierge requires emergency numbers for the vet and a 24-hour animal emergency service on hand for all pet care. We also require our clients to sign a release for emergency treatment.

  • Taxi Your Pet to and from Vet/Groomer/Kennel
  • Check in when you’re at Work/Vacation (Feeding, Walking, Watering, Playing)
  • Complete In-Home Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking

Hour Personal Concierge will look forward to helping you with your pet care.  If a specific service is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask us about it, this list is just a guide.