You have just worked an 8 hour day at the office, your day has been stretched already and you get a call from a senior family member/friend that their refrigerator stopped working.  Everything in the fridge is no longer good.  They are asking you what they should do, what are they going to eat for dinner, how are they going to get a new refrigerator because they don’t drive.  Your already stretched day has just become hours of additional time, you now have to pick up dinner, drop it off, research prices of refrigerators, schedule the delivery (spend time waiting for delivery) and then plan a day when you can get to the grocery store to get their food.

The smoke detector is beeping and they cannot get up onto a ladder to change the batteries.  Who are you going to call?  Hour Personal Concierge of course, our Senior and Elder-Care Check-In (All Non-Medical) is one of the greatest gifts of all.

Your loved one is feeling under the weather today and just wants chicken noodle soup, a grilled cheese and some ginger ale but they only have tomato soup in the pantry, the cheese is pepper jack and they only have Coke.  They may need all of their kitchen cabinets washed down, help getting the holiday decorations out of the attic or maybe just got out of the hospital and you just want someone to stop over at lunch time to check on them.

Hour Personal Concierge can help by taking over some time-consuming tasks for you!

  • Medication Reminders (Personal, Email or Phone)
  • Household Helper
  • Peace-of-Mind Visits and Reports to Family Members (personal, email or phone)
  • Assist with Basic Household Needs
  • Companion Services for Outings, Doctor Visits
  • Assist with Mail Sorting and/or Bill Paying
  • Grocery Shopping with Home Delivery and Putting Groceries Away
  • Pick Up Items / Prescriptions, etc.
  • Hot Meal Delivery
  • Coordinate Home Cleaning and Repairs

If you do not see a specific service, please call us and ask… this is just a guide.

Let Hour Personal Concierge help you with Senior and Elder Care Check-Ins so we can free up your time so you can do the things you enjoy without worrying!