You have a week off in a couple months and you are looking to go on a well deserved vacation, but you are not sure where.  Could it be the beach, mountains, country side, resort, cruise, maybe spend the week at a little bed and breakfast in Napa Valley at a vineyard.

Hour Personal Concierge attention to detail is what makes our travel and excursion service the best!  We will ask you…do you want to sight see?  What is your budget? Will there be children?  Are you looking to relax or would you rather keep busy?  What amenities are you looking for? Do you want a daily itinerary? Any health advisories we need to know about?  Any special attractions would you like to see?  Where have you been?  What are you looking for in a vacation? Do you prefer an aisle seat or window?  Do you need extra leg room in economy or would you like first-class? Would you like a hotel room that faces the river or the city?  Do you need internet connection in the room?  Indoor or outdoor pool?  Weight room?

Once all of these questions are answered, we will then work with our client towards researching and planning their travel and excursion services.  We will present options to our client before booking any flights, reservations, cars, hotels and dinner reservations.

  • Transportation and Lodging Arrangements
  • Car/Limo Service and Rentals
  • Vacation Home Rentals
  • Hotel and Dinner Reservations

If a specific service is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us.  This is just a guide.

Hour Personal Concierge is here to help you with your travel and excursion services.